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Welcome to Kirsty Freeman Design!

Kirsty Freeman Design - Floral Bee Modern Embroidery Kit for Crafters

It's so lovely to welcome you to my website! I'm Kirsty and I'm the designer / maker here at Kirsty Freeman Design. We're a micro business (it's just me & my miniature wire haired dachshund, Oakley) who love stitching, drinking hot chocolate and wearing chunky knitwear.

Tell Me About Kirsty Freeman Design...

I want to give you the opportunity to fall in love with embroidery, the same way that I have - whether you have been stitching for many years, or are a beginner that's looking for a creative hobby. After realising how calming sewing is and how much it helps me to look after my mental health - I started creating kits to help you learn to relax with a needle and thread.

How Did You Became an Embroidery Kit Designer?

I have a degree in Textile Design, specialising in embroidery, where I learnt all about stitching, fabrics, colour, drawing and everything in between! After graduating, I worked as a designer for high street brands, before launching Kirsty Freeman Design in 2019. I started creating my own embroideries, before realising that I wanted to share my skills, rather than just keeping them to myself. I designed the dachshund embroidery kit in early 2020, and haven't looked back!

Kirsty Freeman Design - Dachshund Embroidery Kit

Dachshund Embroidery Kit

How do you Design Modern Embroidery Kits?

All of my designs are inspired by animals or botanical imagery, which I sketch out on my iPad, before either printing or digitally stitching the outline of the design onto one of my woven linen fabrics. The next step is to select my threads! I work with stranded cotton and crewel wool, so swap in and out lots of different shades, until I'm happy to start stitching! I sit down with my needle and threads and start embroidering - whether that be with a traditional stitch, or one of my own patterned stitches that I have designed. Fast forward a few days, and I'll have a finished embroidery, complete with beads (after unpicking & re-stitching anything I don't like, because I am a perfectionist!). Next come the instructions - I love writing and teaching you each stitch, so I write really comprehensive instructions for each kit, full of my top tips! Lastly, I start putting the kits together by making snippets of thread, weighing out beads, printing instruction booklets and packing boxes. It's a very long process from start to finish - but I absolutely love it!

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Where Can You Purchase Kirsty Freeman Design's Modern Embroidery Kits?

Obviously right here on my website! But I've been so blessed to have been given some amazing opportunities to share my business with some lovely brands too. I am a Friend of Joules, so you can shop a selection of my kits on the Joules website, which still makes me very excited. In Christmas 2021, I won a competition to sell my embroidery and cross stitch kits in John Lewis for a week long pop up with Curated Makers, which definitely has to be one of my business highlights so far! You can also find me on Etsy, And So To Shop & various Bricks & Mortar stores throughout the UK.

Kirsty Freeman Design - Modern Embroidery Kits at Pop Up Market in John Lewis Solihull with Curated Makers 

What is Your Favourite Craft Kit that you have Designed?

My favourite kit that I have designed so far is my floral bee embroidery kit, which you can see me holding at the top of this page - and is also my bestseller! I have always loved bees and the colour yellow - it took me a few months of imagining the design before finally putting pen to paper, but I'm so glad I took the time to design it exactly how I imagined! The dachshund embroidery kit also holds a special place in my heart as it was the first kit that I ever designed, based on my first ever dachshund, Jessie, so I'm really glad that it has continued to stay a favourite with my customers too!
Thank you to every single one of you who has supported me along the way - none of this would be possible without you!

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